Healthy Steps

Greensboro Pediatricians is excited to incorporate HealthySteps into our practice! Being a
HealthySteps site aligns with our overarching goal of providing high quality pediatric care that is
professional, responsive and compassionate in a pleasant environment for patients and their families.

What is HealthySteps?

  • A national program which focuses on supporting families with babies and young
    children ages 0 to 3 and offered through Children’s Home Society of NC.
  • It celebrates you, as an expert on your child.
  • Available to provide short/long term non-medical family centered parenting support,
  • evidence-based information and connection to resources in our community.

Why 0 to 3?

  • This is a period of critical brain development where parents have a unique
    opportunity to lay a healthy foundation that will last a lifetime!
  • Your rhythm and routine as a parent is just beginning as you get to know your baby.
  • We recognize that taking care of YOU is indeed taking care of family!

How can I meet with my HealthySteps Specialist?

  • We offer universal support to all families of Greensboro Pediatricians with children 0
    to 3, however you can also request a visit during your pre-scheduled well check.
  • You have the option to contact your HealthySteps Specialist between visits via phone
    call, text, email or a scheduled appointment for assistance with community resources,
    baby supplies and/or referrals for specific concerns that may exceed what can be
    addressed in a conversation or two.
  • These contacts are used for non-urgent, non-physical-health related questions or
    concerns, and are offered at no cost to you.

Congratulations! We look forward to supporting you in your parenting goals!


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